Luke Patterson

Musician | Software Engineer @Mandolin


About Me

I'm an extremely passionate boy with a big stomach and bigger dreams. I love to create elegant software, music, and some homemade peanut butter!

When I'm not writing code, you can probably expect me to be breaking some serious sweat, jamming on my guitar, or filling my tummy with some good good yummies.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has quickly become one of my favorite hobbies! I have been training since March of 2019 with the amazing people at Rio Pro Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Running & Cycling

In January 2019, with no running experience I decided to register for The OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon. I achieved my goal of finishing in under 2 hours! I also enjoy bike commuting and strength training as part of my morning routine.

Hotline Reddit Bot

A reddit bot that listens to all posts across the site for words/phrases that may indicate signs of mental health issues and thoughts of suicide. It then comments with resources to find help. At the time of writing this, it is ranked #137 out of 18,827 bots on reddit. Top 0.7%!

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Oscar Awards Predictions

An iOS and Android app created with Flutter and Dart for a group of friends to compete to try to predict the outcomes of the 2018 Oscar Awards.

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What's In The Caf?

An iOS app with nearly 5,000 downloads created for the students of John Carroll University that shows what is being served in the dining hall, as well as options to provide feedback to the dining staff.

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An android app platform to rent and lease home wireless networks.


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Paco Sako

A web application of the board game Paco Sako, a chess game with a mindful touch. Instead of capturing pieces, pieces occupying the same square join together to form a union able to be controlled by both players.

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Luke Bot

A twitter bot that I trained using 45,000 of my personal text messages to talk like me. He responds to mentions on twitter, but is currently inactive because I ran out of free AWS credit :(

I hope to continue learning some machine learning techniques to make him a bit smarter, but I will likely push back progress until I can afford to keep him up and running!

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Cleveland GiveCamp

For 2 consecutive years I have volunteered to develop websites for nonprofits in the Cleveland area. So far I have developed websites for The Valentine Project and the Lake County Free Clinic.

The Valentine Projects is a nonprofit run by an incredible family that works to make Valentine's Day special for every child in need, and the Lake County Free Clinic is the only provider of free medical and dental care to uninsured and underinsured northeast Ohio residents. Visit their websites below!

The Valentine Project

Lake County Free Clinic

Cleveland GiveCamp

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A 2D game that plays like the classic game Snake but with a spooky twist!

Created with a group of classmates during a game design course in 2017. Later I adapted the computer game to be playable on mobile. You can find links to play the game below!

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Play Online (Mobile)

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